So Im just going to write up what has happened in the first 2 weeks of this project so far.

We were greeted by several different briefs from a number of different clients that we could pick from in groups. our Group is LydiaJames and me, and we deiced on a brief that helps people know what today around blue light vehicles. Putting it briefly :)

Starting of the clients gave us five different points to cover about driving. they also asked that we do it in the style of dumb ways to die



A Lot at Once

Actor Vs Toon Evaluation

Starting with the text side of the project, the 1200 word on the pros and cons of mixing animation with live Acton I thought I should have probably brought up my own opinion on the topics a bit more. but as much as some people like to believe, your opinion doesn’t matter on its own if you cant back it up in a persuasive argument with facts then it really means squat. So i focused a lot more with the factual side and the technical processes of creating the animation on the live action and its cost for some of these i really should have gone into more detail or got more evidence but with a word limit and wanting to talk about them in  a bit of detail already i got got round to talking about 4 or 5 topics. however the amount of evidence i shows was just fine to prove some of my points if i was making bolder statement then then yes more evidence and examples would be better. I liked it found out a lot about some of my favorite films and even implemented some of it into my character design . . . even listened to the “Who Censored Roger Rabbit” book. nothing like the film in the slightest.

I will animate jasper in the future. I just really like his design and can even picture how he would move in and out of scenes. but onto the scene itself. I dont say this often enough with my work but other than redoing the line art to make it look smoother and adding depth to shadows. I love the way this turned out. Design, colour pallet, posing, everything i just really like it :)

P.S. – Sorry this is a bit late i completely forgot to wright an evaluation

Toon Vs Actor Research

So in this project we have to “discuss the pros and cons of mixing the real with the unreal or the photo-real with the photo-imagined, and what tensions might occur in their narrative relationship from the point of view of the audience. ”

Which put in 2 ways, gives me a lot of freedom or a lack of direction. I’ll try my best

In my research im not only going to pick out a bunch of media i find amazing when mixing animation and live action. but also the things it can help achieve and show the audience.

So starting with the obvious choice i know most people are going to talk about this one and rightfully so its a great film and one of my favorite pieces of cinema. I am of course talking about “Who Framed Roger Rabbit

YouTube. 2017. Before and After – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Behind the Scenes) – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 March 2017].

When i was a kid i wondered why a film like this diddnt happen more often, now that im older the fact that Warner Brothers and Disney even let this happen is nothing short of a miracle.

However ive got a few small point to talk about. I love the 1940-50’s setting in this and would love to use this time in my own i have always loved the aesthetic.

Secondly one of the movies pot points is the power toon have over humans because of there inability to die. Things that would be serious damage to humans are a minor inconvenience to a toon even funny and this psychotic behavior is something i want to include in my work

just from this video the amount of work that went into matching the camera movement with the animation is masterful and explanes why films like this dont happen often and to this extent because of course you can tell toon form human but they still fit in the world together and dont look to out of place when interacting in physical scenes with the actors and the real environment.


Now for one of my favorite CGI characters of all time the Ents from Lord of The Rings Two Towers this was a mix of GGI and animatronics. The animatronics are only used in the shots where the hobbits are on his shoulders

YouTube. 2017. Ents attack Isengard – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 March 2017].

Now its often discused that you can do things with animation that you cant do with real actors (squash stretch, fly, shoot lazer beams)but it also gives you the ability to create something great, majestic and beautiful, like ents :). a great example of truly reaching for fantasy and what would otherwise be impossible.

Ill talk more on this later.

Hand-In And Evaluation Interaction



So for the render i used Maya Hardware 2.0. Yes yes i know i should have used Arnold and i planned to and even started but it was taking 4 minuets a frame and after occupying  5 different PCs and waiting around 2 hours i got around 90 frames all together so even if i could wait till the next morning which i couldn’t they wouldn’t even be done till around 11am the next day and as bad as time management as I am i new I couldn’t do that as the project was in for 4pm on the same day.

So I used Maya hardware just to get the project in on time and will use Arnold when I re-submit next week as am not happy with 2 scenes in the animation (there bad, you know the ones i mean). However i did do the HD images in Arnold so you can get a look at what it should look like it looks really nice way can wait to see the whole thing rendered like that. And just to answer something quick from the brief “Would a better render help the narrative ?” . . . No but it does look a lot better

So last project i failed to animate a 1 minuets worth of animation like the brief asked for, well it asked for around 1 minuet but still this project i managed that even if i hate 15% of it its an improvement none the less.

Talking on the animation itself im pleased i think is right word with how most of it turned out and really happy with the dragon scene at the end i loved animating that and would love to animate more mythical or monsters creatures.

Story . . . Im not going to sugar coat it, my story couldn’t get more cliche. Its a knight defending a castle from skeletons and a dragon its little boy story telling 101. But I really dont care. Its was only there so I could get to animating quicker and i really liked the poem and wanted to animate it. I know thats not an evaluation but i just wanted to bring it up.

Also lastly i was told yesterday that we were ment to implement 2d and 3d into the assignment. I cant remember reading this at all soooooooo sorry i diddnt do it.


Tried so hard and got so far . . .

Its a bloody cringe fest and im sooo fed up, I even improved previous scenes but the parenting has for some reason disabled the off button so they are constantly stuck to their hands. and i dont know weather to just hand it in on time like it is. or work on it for an extra week and have it be late . . . but basically i autoed the blocking for 3 different walk cycles and the battle scene and this is how they turned  out . . . and i hate myself. goodbye


Ok about the parenting problem I couldn’t fix it. luckily i have about 20 different saves for this project so i went back and found one where i improved the animation but no parenting bug. So Yay

Time After Time

Heres how far i gotten over the past week only 13 seconds left and polish then render.


So I started to animate the fight scenes this is so much more complicated than I anticipated so many small movements that without them the whole thing just look weightless and crap. So im going to do some small editing to remove some time and then carry on with the fight scenes for the week after and then resubmit what i have got. overall not to happy i need more time or less animating to do.