Marketing Research

I included this into my research just because I knew Jemma might like it, also its 1 of 3 films that I have ever gone to see at the cinema day of release. “The Simpsons Movie”. Yes well The Simpsons diddnt really need marketing that well by 2007 they had been on the air for more than 20 years and most people already had an opinion on weather they’d like a film or not so instead they focused on making sure that existing fans and what would now be there kids (20 YEARS) knew that the film was coming out.

One creative way of doing this was by converting 7-11 stores across the US into real-life Kwik-E-Marts over night. They did a smashing job with some of them aswell.

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Another gem of marketing is Alfred Hitchcock ‘s Psycho. Hitchcock really really really did not like spoilers, So made a rule saying that if you came to see the film you would watch it from beginning to end.

These rules were tightly enforced across the US, and they only built on the feeling that the film that was about to be witnessed was a truly unique experience. Psycho also promoted itself via a creepy trailer. The trailer, which lasts a little over six minutes!  and its Hitchcock guiding the audience through the Bates house, describing the plot of the film as he goes. For Psycho, Hitchcock was completely in control of what people knew and what they didn’t. The film lived up to the anticipation he built around it, and went on to become a legendary piece of cinema.


Lastly let me just say Orson Wells was a genius . . .

hysteria swept America on Halloweens eve, October 30, 1938, when a 62-minute radio dramatization of The War of the Worlds played. Genuinely over a million Americans where tuned into the radio station at the time of broadcast and more tuned in over the next hour. I doubt there was many people in america at that time who diddnt know what the war of the worlds was. Adolf Hitler even said the radio play was”evidence of the decadence and corrupt condition of democracy”


Team Brief Evaluation



I know this was mainly a complaint from James and a bit from me but it took our client a while to get back to us and we mean around 3-5 days to get back and these are all on working days it took them this long to get back there isn’t that much we can do about it when we did the final pitch to them today we did tell them when they asked for feedback for them.

As for working in a team. It was more enjoyable, being able to share the workload, especial with the things I don’t normally like doing, like scripts, storyboards and audio. We did this really well, especially with being able to share our work over google drive and discussing over Facebook chat (I couldn’t imagen doing this over 20 years ago) my only complaint is that it was difficult on some days to get hold of Lydia because of her work. However she did always tell us when she couldn’t be in several days before and we organised around it.

When rendering and compositing the full animation not all of the sound was going with it in the finished render turn out that when James was editing it he was working with files from 3 different places; 2 different hard drives on the PC and then his USB. It was an inconvenience but it was how close it was to the hand in time that . . . worried me. Also the fact that he’s almost a 3rd year and still working from a USB

Something  that annoyed me, nothing much it’s also slightly my own fault but in the end scene where the characters are all on stage. Some of the characters there, were never in the animation. One of them is because I changed the character because a rhombus looked strange from a side perspective so I changed it to a hexagon instead. Again small thing, nobody noticed but character consistency is something to keep in mind.

There are some small thing we could have added or worked to make the animation quality a bit better. It was pointed out to us that inside the car shot they could have been doing something more than looking. Like fiddling with the radio or talking on the phone or putting on makeup. I really like the idea of it especially in these small 3 second parts where there isn’t much going on. Lastly there also scenes where when the car turns from a bird eye view it looks wired and drifty, also the shadow moves with the vehicle drifting the direction light. Just all the things I would fix if I were to do this thing again or anything like it.

Overall I really enjoyed the project, Working in a group allowed us to share the workload and use after effect to produce a good quality animation that the client loved and this is because it is simple, fun and efficient without sacrificing appeal of character and animation quality. It was perfect for the time we had and miss the pros of working in a group when I move onto the 3rd year to make my own film . . . and then after that who know maybe we got a conditional job offer from the brief that I would pursue :)

Pitch Perfect

Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (1)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (2)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (3)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (4)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (5)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (6)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (7)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (8)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (9)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (10)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (11)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (12)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch (13)Emergency Vehicle Animation Pitch

The pitch went really well. however not perfect, as to be expected  they asked us to change a few points:

  • They wanted logos of the organizations that  did the research for the project at the end(simple enough)
  • They ask that we come up witch a catchy phrase or hash tag for the end
  • They also asked that all the characters can come on stage at the end with there respective injuries and bow.

Pretty simple points that we can easily add and they did seam to really like it.

James also wanted to shorten the script i skeptical at first but after he explained what he wanted to do, I was on board. basically what he wanted to do was remove the right sections from the right wrong structure and place them all into a the start scene. so that we we could have wrong point after wrong point, instead of the repetitive nature of right wrong right wrong. I liked the new script much better.

Blue Lights, Big City

So Im just going to write up what has happened in the first 2 weeks of this project so far.

We were greeted by several different briefs from a number of different clients that we could pick from in groups. our Group is LydiaJames and me, and we deiced on a brief that helps people know what today around blue light vehicles. Putting it briefly :)

Starting of the clients gave us five different points to cover about driving and they are:

  1. Drivers should stay off kerbs, pavements and verges. If there is no place to pull over legally, carry on at the speed limit. (Example 1 Figure)
  2. At junctions, drivers should not go through a red light. Emergency drivers will either find a way around traffic or will stay behind and turn their sirens off. (Example 2 Figure)
  3. Bus lanes should be avoided as they might be unsafe or illegal to enter them.
  4. Sudden braking should be avoided in case a car behind hasn’t seen the emergency vehicle and attempts to overtake suddenly. Indicators should be used in plenty of time.
  5. At the brow of a hill or on a bend, driver should continue driving at the speed limit. During these situations, it will be more dangerous for the emergency vehicle to overtake.

they also asked that we do it in the style of dumb ways to die. which i was quite happy about because it is simple and easy to animate.


So these where the characters that James designed. i just came up with these in Photoshop. I like them and so did Lydia and James so i guess these are sticking.

Also heres an environment from the curbing your car skit.

Polished Scene.png

Actor Vs Toon Evaluation

Starting with the text side of the project, the 1200 word on the pros and cons of mixing animation with live Acton I thought I should have probably brought up my own opinion on the topics a bit more. but as much as some people like to believe, your opinion doesn’t matter on its own if you cant back it up in a persuasive argument with facts then it really means squat. So i focused a lot more with the factual side and the technical processes of creating the animation on the live action and its cost for some of these i really should have gone into more detail or got more evidence but with a word limit and wanting to talk about them in  a bit of detail already i got got round to talking about 4 or 5 topics. however the amount of evidence i shows was just fine to prove some of my points if i was making bolder statement then then yes more evidence and examples would be better. I liked it found out a lot about some of my favorite films and even implemented some of it into my character design . . . even listened to the “Who Censored Roger Rabbit” book. nothing like the film in the slightest.

I will animate jasper in the future. I just really like his design and can even picture how he would move in and out of scenes. but onto the scene itself. I dont say this often enough with my work but other than redoing the line art to make it look smoother and adding depth to shadows. I love the way this turned out. Design, colour pallet, posing, everything i just really like it :)

P.S. – Sorry this is a bit late i completely forgot to wright an evaluation